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Any Indian can buy a plot/cottage within limit of 2700 sft land.

Yes, but it must go through legal approval process via DM with proper justification. Here, land conversion procedures must be fulfilled during registration.

Yes, this will be possible after my registration is completed.

Airtel and JIO network connectivity will be good in every selected location.

We want to maintain the overall look of the community in sync; hence the cottage builders will give couple of options to the cottage owners to select from.

Yes. However, because the association will bear all maintenance costs for cottages that have been approved for homestay, cottages should be allowed for a minimum homestay occupancy. If the cottage cannot be made available for homestay for any reason, the cottage owner must pay the agreed-upon monthly maintenance fees.

It starts from 250 Km onward.

Since NHPC Dhauli ganga hydro power station is located in same district so we have very good electricity services. We will also setup solar electric lights around the community fence.

All cottages will have 24X7 water supply. We are going to setup bore-well hand pump, with a central water system. Each cottage will have its own overhead tanks, which will get common water supply from central unit. Note: there is a government project for extending “Ghat drinking water scheme” to this area. The project is already approved, and work has started. Once his project is operational, we can also request for water supply via same project (if needed and agreed by cottage owners)

All grocery related items are available in nearest local market (Bungachhina). We will have common watchman who will be employed do basic watchman services. His services can be leveraged for such personal needs as well (with additional predefined service charges for such personal needs). we will maintain list of such additional personal services and charges per request/weekly/monthly basis.

We have local electrician, plumber and other service providing personnel in these villages. For any problems, cottage owners will just need to inform watchman and he will get the services done from these local technicians. common repairing will be association responsibility. If repairing is within cottage premise, service charges will need to be borne by the cottage owner. We will list out the prevailing charges for all such services in our portal, so that all such services are provided genuinely.

Yes, watchman and security personal will have the local contact numbers with him. Cottage owners can let them for arrangements.
Note: we will have all important service-related numbers maintained centrally in our portal, so that cottage owners/homestay users can directly avail the numbers if needed.

After the first phase is finished, we'll design a central dining and conference area. A three-time meal option will be offered for a fee. Users of homestays won't have to pay for meals (it will be included in homestay charges).
The menu will be standard. Any special requests must be made in addition.

The list of such activities will be listed in portal. Once community grows to more than 25-30 cottages, we will plan to employ one event manager who will be responsible to provide this service in group.

This place is very stable and has no historical instances of any such calamity.
Flooding: the nearest river is appx 6-7 km away from here (Ram ganga) and the river flow appx 200-300 feet down, so no chances for any flooding.
Landslides: the elevation of the land in this location is very even and the land is very stable, hence no chances for land slide. if there are any land slide reported in roads between this location for Pithoragarh or between Pithoragarh to Delhi, they are cleaned in 1-2 hours hence no impact to travel.
Glacier Burst: we are 60-70 km away from nearest glaciers (Milam Glacier, Kafni glacier, Namik glacier) and the flow of rivers originating from these glaciers is in different direction, so this location cannot have any threats due to glacier burst as well.

The land here is categorized into forest land and farm land. Except forests, all lands fall in farm land category. No occupancy/construction of any kind is allowed in forest land. Anyone can occupy up to 2700 sft land and do construction for personal or homestay purpose in farm land. As long as this limit is maintained, it doesn’t require do to any land conversion.

This location is directly accessible via car. 25 Km distance from Pithoragarh city can be covered in 45 minutes to 1 hour.

OCI card holders are not allowed to buy land in Uttarakhand.

We are going to appoint watchman and security personnel to take care of cottages 24X7

We have clinics and doctors first aid purpose in 2 near-by local markets (Bungachhina – 1.5 km and Dewalthal – 4 Km). For major needs, we need to go to the main city, Pithoragarh.

Yes, once plot is registered to plot owner name, home loan can be sanctioned for cottage construction.

Security fencing, fencing lights, security personnel, watchman service, gardener service, watchman can be leveraged for any personal help as well (on paid basis).

Garden area, open lawn for campfire activity, breakout area for tea/snacks, one common conference/work location, car parking area within 100-meter distance from the community, and one common community hall for all 2-3 communities, for any social gathering and event management.

Once we have 10+ cottages constructed, we will form an association, with all plot owners and the cottage owners as member of the association. The open common area will be registered to the association name, to keep it safe from any possible construction in future.

Plot should be registered within 1 year after booking. If not registered, plot rates will be revised as per the market condition.
Once registered, construction should be started within 1 year. If not constructed, monthly maintenance will be applicable on those plots also.

Himalayan Paradise LLP company is registered. Once registration is complete, we will have escrow account in the company name and all advance booking amount can be paid to the escrow account. it will be transferred to my account during registration time.