CHP Operations


CHP team has following processes in place, to ensure the long term success of the community .

- Well defined by-laws

- Well defined maintenance guidelines

- Smooth and well defined homestay business process.

Adherence to by-laws

CHP by-laws

Maintenance of the community

CHP maintenance

Running home stay on behalf of cottage owners

CHP homestay

CHP team also offers a closely guided pack of activities for all visitors, including –

  • Arranging a group trip to the near by jungle (permanent home of tigers)
  • Arrange a picnic on the top of the mountains or on the banks of the river Ram Ganga.
  • Guiding visitors to explore the wildness of night (taking them mainly to places where tigers can be seen on the road).
  • Facilitating all trips to near by temples and tourist places, within 100 Km distance.
  • Arranging and facilitate team building activities for group booking.