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CHP Business Cases

Following are some of the sustainable and eco-friendly projects that are doable in Himalayan region and have promising growth. Since these are eco-friendly projects are going to create significant job opportunities for the villagers and they are fruitful for the sustainable development of this region, so COMET Himalayan Paradise team takes pride to help the interested cottage owners and their associated group members on these projects. CHP team can support the investor groups to get the land, human resources and any other support needed to execute this.

Let us know if you would like to explore any other eco-friendly busines cases in Himalayan region.

Useful information: Uttarakhand has several Jan-Shunya gaawon (जन शुन्य गांव), village with ZERO population and government is taking various measures to revive such villages. Hence, CHP team can help the interested cottage owners and their associated groups in leasing any “Jan-Shunya gaawon” witin 10-15 range of CHP community where multiple eco-friendly business cases can be explored.


Yoga and meditation centre

Uttarakhand is not only popular among tourists and adventurers but also among the spiritual seekers from around the world. Thus, it comes as a no surprise that Uttarakhand has been named as the ‘Land of Yoga and Meditation’ The spiritually elevating atmosphere and environment near CHP cottage location is ideal for a person to delve within.

Considering these conducive conditions, location around CHP community is well suited to start a Yoga and meditation centre.


Tea Plantation

There are several tea plants in Uttarakhand which produce wide range of tea leaves including organic tea which are also exported to the world. Hence, area near CHP community are very favorable for starting tea-plantation setup.


Fruit Farming

Climatic condition in Himalayan region is favorable for growing many fruit crops, including apple, pear, peach, plum and walnut.

Considering the abundant land availability around CHP community, this business plan can be executed easily with CHP team’s support.



With places like cradle of flower/valley of flower, Uttarakhand is known for widest varieties of flowers in the world.

The annual floriculture business in Uttarakhand, according to the state government estimates, is worth Rs 250 crore.

According to data available on Uttarakhand Horticulture Department's website, 3017 metric tons of flowers had been grown in an area of 1562 hectare in year 2018-19. All this makes Uttarakhand a best favorable place for floriculture as a business


Himalayan Trout-fish farming

Himalayan fish farming is one of the interesting business plan that can be tried in Himalayan belt.

There is a place close to CHP cottage location where a stream flows all 12 months, and that place is less than one km from Pithoragarh-Munsyari main road too. Hence, this place very well suited for Himalayan fish farming with very good business prospective.


Herbal plantation: Kilmoda(tree turmeric, Indian barberry)

Kilmoda is a wild fruit which grows abundantly in Uttarakhand. This is known for its highest medical values and hence is often referred to as “Uttarakhand ka amrit”. However, since it grows abundantly in fields and takes enough surface area of the fields, hence villagers in Uttarakhand generally treat this plant like any other weeds.

Although all parts of this plant (roots, stem, leaves and fruit) have following important medicinal values, and are commonly used in Ayurveda, but villagers don’t really give importance to this plant.

  • The fresh roots of Kilmoda are used to treat diabetes and jaundice.
  • The juice of the fruit and the juice of the leaves is used to prepare cancer medicines.
  • The juice of the roots of this plant gives instant relief in stomach ache.
  • The fruits are eaten by people, often as a dessert.
  • The roots can also be used for making an alcoholic drink.
  • The plant as a whole is a good source of dye and tannin

Considering it highest medicinal values and its widest availability in the region, it can be converted into a very profitable business case.


Herbal plantation: Ghingaru(Himalayan firethorn)

Ghingaru is a wild fruit which grows abundantly in Uttarakhand. This is known for its high medical values. However, since it also grows abundantly in fields and takes enough surface area of the fields, hence villagers in Uttarakhand generally treat this plant like any other weeds.

Although this herbal plant has the following important medicinal and other uses, but villagers don’t really give importance to this plant.

  • The fruit is very delicious in taste.
  • The fruit can be used to manufacture health tonic, mainly for heart.
  • The leaves are known to be rich source of antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory elements, hence are used for tea.


The wild Himalayan pear

This wild Himalayan pear is also quite tasty and is known for some good medicinal values, but as I have been seeing since my childhood days, this tree is best suited to the Uttarakhand climate hence it grows best without any care and protection and each tree produces 50-60 kg fruit each year.

However, people rarely eat this fruit and hence it completely decays in fields in its natural state. The wood is not used for any other purpose other than burning fire. Leaves are also not preferred for cattle.

Hence, this fruit tree is not preferred by villagers, but since it is wild and native to the region hence it grows in abundance everywhere in fields. Overall, this tree is considered a nuisance by the villagers.

However, considering its closest resemblance to pear and apple, its taste and medicinal values, its widest occurrence and high productivity per tree, I think this nuisance of the villagers can be converted to a highly profitable business case, by processing this fruit to produce beverage products.


Company guest house

Owning a company guest in Himalayas can do wonders for any organization. With CHP location just 20 km away from Pithoragarh airport, it can become be best leveraged in the following ways –

  • For celebrating VIP family gathering events
  • For impressing client/customers
  • For motivating high performing talent with remote work options from Himalayan guest house.


Remote IT work location

Being fed up with pollution and hot climate of all metro cities, everyone would love to work from place like Himalayas, hence the idea to have a remote IT work location in Himalayan region can be beneficial to the organization in multiple ways, like –

  • To attract best talent from the market, by giving option to work from Himalayas.
  • To retain exceptional performers by rewarding them with family trips to Himalayas.
  • Giving options to employee to celebrate their 5/10-years milestones at Himalayan work location

This idea will motivate all employees to give their best performance consistently.


Boarding school

Nowadays government has developed hill stations with lots of facilities. Hence it has become a perfect place for living, and mainly education system in hills have grown so much that students from different corners of the country are choosing boarding schools for their education. Hence, most of the “posh” boarding schools in India are located in Hill stations.

Following are the reasons why boarding schools in hill stations are so successful, and these conditions make location around CHP community in Pithoragarh a perfect place to start good boarding school setup.

  • Hill stations are generally peaceful (very little disturbances) places with very pleasant weather.
  • The pure and fresh air is enough to make you feel happy and energetic all the day.
  • Hill stations are known as pollution free place for its cleanliness.
  • The cold weather keeps children away from hazardous air conditioned houses and vehicles.


Buransh flower

The state flower of Uttarakhand is found in wilds of Uttarakhand and is known to have excellent medicinal and commercial values. Lately, villagers have started making juice out of buransh flower and sell it to tourists’ visitng Uttarakhand.

Considering its vast medical usages, producing buransh juice commercially can be a very fruitful business.


  • Keeps heart and liver healthy
  • Protects the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • It has a potent antioxidant that guards the skin against harmful effects of pollution.
  • It offers anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin to treat eczema, acne, other skin inflammation and rashes
  • Buransh juice is good for diabetes
  • It can treat anemia and body weakness
  • It has painkilling ability


Bedu fruit (Indian fig)

Commonly known as Indian fig, this tree is found in wilds of Uttarakhand. The Bedu fruit is very juicy and contain 45 percent of juice. The fruit is beneficial in the disease of lungs and the bladder. It is a source of minerals, phosphorus and a small amount of Vit. C


  • This fruit is demulcent, emollient, laxative and poultice.
  • It is used as a part of the diet in the treatment of constipation and diseases of the lungs and bladder.
  • The sap is used in the treatment of warts.
  • The latex of the plant is used to take out spines lodged deeply in the flesh.