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CHP Holiday Homes Group, based in the Himalayan region, is dedicated to the idea of bringing villagers and some like-minded professionals under one roof to facilitate sustainable and eco-friendly development in remote areas of the Himalayas.


CHP Holiday Homes


Our vision is to control village desertification ( पलायन ) in Uttarakhand by creating job opportunities for villagers and improving the education system in remote areas.


Invite environmentally friendly and like-minded professionals (with similar values) from the corporate world to these remote villages and enlist the following help from them -

- In running COMET consulting and career development centers

- Get them to invest in environmentally friendly and sustainable business models in remote areas, to create employment opportunities for villagers

Driving factors:



  • Help villagers with job opportunities.
  • Help needy students develop their careers.
  • Boosting tourism in remote places of the Himalayas.
  • Work on environmentally friendly and sustainable business plans to control village desertification.

Like-minded professions

  • To help like-minded professionals to own a cottage near Himalaya, with excellent annual ROI.
  • To help interested like-minded professionals on sustainable and eco-friendly projects like tea plantation, horticulture, floriculture, Himalayan fish farming, bee farming and so on.

Serving our visitors to achieve the following -

  • Make visitors feel happy in a million ways.
  • Make the CHP community a place to collect moments and memories that will last a lifetime.